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3x3 is the only publication in the world devoted to contemporary illustration. Since our first issue in 2003, we have covered the comings and goings of illustrators across the globe. Each issue features in-depth articles of working illustrators, industry news, career advice, profiles of living icons and esteemed legends, book reviews and nearly 100 images in each issue giving the reader a good taste of what’s going on today.

Our Mission at 3x3 is to preserve, protect and promote illustration in all its forms.
First, we want to preserve today’s illustration by producing printed forms of communication to enable future generations to get a glance at what illustrators were doing during this time period. In this digital age it is too easy to lose track of an individual’s work, to search through past archives looking for information about an artist or specific project is time-consuming. With 3x3 the information is on your bookshelf—or with our digital copies on your desktop—letting you update your knowledge of a particular artist of interest. The two work hand-in-hand to provide a record of achievement.
Secondly we want to protect the legacy of the top illustrators in the field. Our interest is in helping the best illustrators advance their careers and to that end we offer conferences, podcasts, portfolio reviews, workshops and affordable magazines and books—in print and digital editions—to help the next generation of illustrators learn from the experiences of the current generation. 

Lastly, we want to promote in every way possible the importance, viability and uniqueness of using illustration in advertising, publishing, corporate, institutional, books and animation. Our juried shows and subsequent printed publications—tri-annual magazine, annuals and curated directory—help accomplish this goal.
Latest issue
This issue looks at different approaches to conceptual editorial illustration. Each artist’s point of view is disparate. Some examples are highly complex, others rely on mood to set the stage, while others go for the jugular with simple, straight-forward images that tell the story in a millisecond. Some inform, others satirize, still others educate. With backgrounds in either graphic design or graphic arts these illustrators are also adept at creating advertising, books and book covers for adults and children.
Javier Jaén interviewed by Alix-Rose Cowie
Marie Lafrance interviewed by Alix-Rose Cowie
Christian Gralingen interviewed by Christopher Butt
Giselle Potter, ICON interviewed by Mark Fox
Robert Grossman, Legend article by Rachel Anne Farquharson
OpArt Edward Charles
CareerTalk - We Have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
News&Views - Happenings in illustration
Seen & Noted - 18 Illustrators from across the globe
Book Reviews
Twenty Questions

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