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African Business is the premier business magazine focusing on Africa. With over 140,000 readers across the continent and around the world, it is the ideal vehicle for reaching African consumers, governments and business people.

The readers of African Business are well educated decision-makers, with a high standard of living and disposable income, who have the ultimate authority to influence business strategies in their companies. Most major companies and international firms working with or in Africa subscribe to African Business. It is required reading for any business operating in Africa or wanting to venture into the Continent. 

Latest issue

In the June edition of African Business, out now, we look at whether the BRICS will challenge the global power of the US dollar at their upcoming meeting in South Africa. With a strong dollar pushing up borrowing costs for developing nations and controversy over US sanctions on Russia, the developing world is considering whether the global reserve currency is fit for purpose. Could a BRICS currency shift the balance of power towards the global south? 

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  • First Issue: January 1982
  • Latest Issue: June 2023
  • Issue Count: 469
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