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Antique Collecting is the ‘go-to’ source for industry news, expert advice and all the latest trends. Subscribe today and start learning insider secrets from the world’s leading specialists. Since it launched in 1966, Antique Collecting has provided in-depth analysis of the current market, predicting booms before they happened. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced dealer, Antique Collecting offers a clear picture of the fast-changing world of antiques with its easy-to-understand guides. From mid-century modern to 17th-century oak, Antique Collecting is the definitive guide for buyers, sellers and collectors.

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“If I had to recommend one antiques magazine to the general collector, it would be Antique Collecting.” David Battie, BBC Antiques Roadshow
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In this month's Antique Collecting magazine:
A Family Affair: We go behind the scenes at an exhibition of the work by the 17th-century portraitist Mary Beale whose artistic endeavours were assisted by her husband and sons
The Face of History: Coins tell a country's history like no other artefact, as shown by the lifetime collection of Geoffrey Cope which goes under the hammer this month
Scot Free: On the 150th anniversary of his birth, art expert Alice Strang delves into the life and career of the Scottish colourist JD Fergusson
Boldly Go: We go behind the scenes at an exhibition at Harewood House to discover the colourful interiors loved by its Georgian owners - a far cry from the muted shades we associate with them today
Our regular columnists Irita Marriott, Eric Knowles, Marc Allum and Catherine Southon - plus all the latest news from the antiques and art market

Subjects: Applied Art, Antiques, Collecting, Hobby, Museums, Trade

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