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I by IMD quarterly magazine offers first-person business and leadership intelligence from the brightest thinkers in academia, industry, the third sector, and society. Written by experts for experts, I by IMD curates the latest insight and practice-based research to help leaders and organizations unlock the complex challenges and opportunities that define these turbulent times.
I by IMD focuses on the core corporate disciplines of leadership, human resources, organizational behavior, strategy, innovation, technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, social impact, and equity, inclusion, and diversity, with a deep and broad dive into a specific theme each quarter. In addition to the quarterly magazine, I by IMD shares daily content via a dedicated digital platform.

Latest issue
Leading in the age of AI

AI is revolutionizing the world of business, at pace. 
How do executives guarantee this mass adoption benefits both their organizations and society?

In Issue 13 of I by IMD, we explore how to lead effectively - and responsibly - in the age of AI. 

Subjects: Business And Professional

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  • First Issue: March 2021
  • Latest Issue: March 2024
  • Issue Count: 13
  • Published: Quarterly