Introducing Wittgenstein: A Graphic Guide

John Heaton & Judy Groves

Ludwig Wittgenstein has captured the popular imagination as the modern socrates, the master of enigmatic logic, a fascinating and attractive icon of modernism. But what did he really think?

In Introducing Wittgenstein we meet a strange man: a rigorous logician who prized poetry above philosophy, who inherited an immense fortune and gave it all away, who sought death in the trenches of the First World War. he was the great teacher who advised his students to give up philosophy, a tormented soul who thrived on jokes and crime fiction, and a solitary man who inspired lifelong friendships.

John Heaton and Judy Groves also provide a clear and accessible guide to his central works, the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, a glacier of logic, and his later, friendlier Philosophical Investigations.

Anyone intrigued by Wittgenstein will find this the ideal introduction to a great 20th-century philosopher.

Subjects: History, Philosophy

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  • Author: John Heaton & Judy Groves
  • Editor: n/a
  • Publisher: Icon Books
  • ISBN: 9781848310865