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Radical? Socialist? Green? Feminist? Red Pepper has been the voice of dissent spicing up politics for 20 years!

Defiant in its search for the truth, Red Pepper is a leading dissenting voice in British politics, independent of all political parties, debunking the myths that exist to protect powerful interests.

It seeks to be a space for debate, a resource for all movements for social justice, consistently internationalist and a home for anyone who wants a world based on equality, meaningful democracy and freedom.

Red Pepper is a non-profit magazine and exists because all those involved believe the left needs publications which are non-sectarian yet unafraid to take a stand, radical yet undogmatic, and thoughtful yet orientated on real-world activism.

Latest issue
When we launched in 1994, we were told we’d last 30 days. Now, 30 years later, ‘Never give up’ remains our motto. 

This anniversary issue surveys the past three decades in feminism, alternative media, UK politics, the tech industry, Islamophobia, and anti-globalisation movements. Contributors include Lynne Segal, Lola Olufemi, Asim Qureshi, Gary Younge, Jeremy Gilbert, Helena Kennedy and James O'Nions.

The essay focuses on the present, ongoing plight of the Rohingya people, the majority now refugees, caught in a crisis fading from western consciousness. Looking to the future, we explore industrial conversion and a just transition to a green economy, from Britain to Brazil.

In time for summer, our Culture section revels in games and play – through a radical and decolonial lens. Plus book reviews, our regular columns, and more!

Subjects: News And Politics

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  • First Issue: Issue 1, June 1994
  • Latest Issue: Summer 2024 - 30 years of Red Pepper
  • Issue Count: 248
  • Published: Bi-monthly
  • ISSN: 2514-4391