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The Biologist: the award-winning update on all things bioscience, published four times a year by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB).

The Biologist has been covering the extraordinary and diverse world of the biological sciences since 1953. Featuring interviews with high-profile scientists, news and views on cutting-edge biology, and contributions from the RSB’s network of 17,000 professional and student bioscientists, The Biologist is packed full of features for professionals and non-professionals alike. Alongside striking images from biology research and the natural world, each issue also includes updates from the RSB science policy team and a guide to the best biological museum exhibits around the world.

Recent issues have explored topics as varied as Arctic ecology, DIY gene therapy, organoids, regenerative medicine, plant science, specimen drawing and bio-inspired art. Interviewees have included evolutionary biologist and author Professor Richard Dawkins, Noel Fitzpatrick, aka ‘The Supervet’, and TV paleopathologist Professor Alice Roberts.

Digital subscribers will gain access to four issues a year and nearly 40 back issues dating back to 2012, when The Biologist moved from a journal to its current magazine format.

The print magazine is free for members of the Royal Society of Biology, which offers a range of membership types, more details of which can be found here.

Latest issue
In the latest issue of The Biologist, we explore the mysterious cell particles known as ‘vaults’, and the professor who has spent most of his career trying to figure out what they do. 

We also talk to Revive and Restore, a non-profit hoping to shake up conservation by using cutting edge biotech – including gene-editing, cloning and stem cell technologies – to bring species back from the brink. 

Subjects: Biology, Bioscience, Ecology, Science And Technology

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  • First Issue: March 2012
  • Latest Issue: Summer 2024
  • Issue Count: 67
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2516-5151