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For over a century, the Times Literary Supplement has been the world's leading cultural magazine, with essays and reviews on the most significant books, ideas and art of our times. We are still proud to be publishing the best and brightest writers about the broadest range of books and ideas. And we believe that the audience to read it is larger, and hungrier for information, than at any point in the last 116 years. Every week you’ll find over 40 reviews and essays, from Shakespeare to Schopenhauer, popular theatre to political theory. According to Le Monde, the Times Literary Supplement “has no rivals”. According to Noam Chomsky, it is “provocative, stimulating, irritating, informative”. To anybody interested in the life of the mind, the TLS is indispensable. 

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In this week's TLS: Edward N. Luttwak reflects on humanity's appetite for war; Lucy McDonald unpicks the ethics of bringing babies into a world of pain; Darren Freebury-Jones explores the otherworlds of Welsh literature; Anna Katharina Schaffner looks back on the twentieth century's panic about bad posture; Miranda France considers a study of awkwardness – and much more

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