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The World Today, founded in 1945, has now been published monthly for over sixty years. Throughout this period it has offered the best and brightest insights on current affairs — from the fallout of the Second World War, through the Cold War, into the information age and the ‘war’ on terror.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, The World Today presents authoritative analysis from Chatham House on a variety of current topics. It provides vital background for experts, business planners, academics and those curious about the world we live in.

The World Today goes to subscribers in more than eighty different countries; in governments, business, the media, schools and universities. Many hundreds of libraries also find it essential.

In the free trial issue, read about Sapphire Mining in Madagascar, Somalia and Ethiopia caught in a quagmire, The Kurdish Question, Private Security Companies in Iraq, the ANC Leadership issue in South Africa, and The Bali Climate Conference and Forests.

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The fiery backlash against drag queens and the polarizing debates over trans rights that fill social media signal a worrying development for democracy. Hard-fought LGBTQ rights are under attack throughout the world.
For Pride Month, we explore the state of equality for sexual and gender minorities and what that means for everyone. This retreat in rights goes hand in hand with a backslide in democratic freedoms, writes Ari Shaw, who calls LGBTQ rights a canary in the coalmine for democracy. Anthony J Langlois explores the legal ebbs and flows in Southeast Asia, while Graeme Reid links strong judiciaries with robust rights in sub-Saharan Africa. 
Colombia became the first country to include LGBTQ people in its peace negotiations, and Jamie Hagen says this presents an opening for feminists to broaden inclusion in peacebuilding movements worldwide. Ukrainians fleeing war into neighbouring countries find they have swapped conflict for bigotry, reports Joanna Jaworska, while Juliet Wabule tells of her harrowing story of hopelessness as a lesbian asylum seeker in East Africa.
As Pride turns 53 this year, Daniel Conway asks if the march has forgotten its roots. Harold Jaffe recalls the first medical record of an unknown disease that would become known as HIV/Aids.
Fresh Russian attacks on Kyiv remind us that war in Europe is far from over. Yet, Ukrainians have already begun recovery efforts. In the run-up to the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, Orysia Lutsevych says civil society participation is critical. Mustafa Nayyem sets out his priorities as Head of the State Agency for Restoration of Ukraine. Roxanne Escobales, Editor, The World Today.

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