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C Magazine (est. 1983) is a contemporary art and criticism periodical that functions as a forum for significant ideas in art and contexts. Each issue explores a theme that is singularly engaged with emerging and prevailing perspectives through original art writing, criticism and artists' projects.

Based in Toronto, our content focuses on the activities of contemporary art practitioners residing in Canada and Canadian practitioners living abroad - with an emphasis on those from Black, Indigenous, diasporic and other equity-seeking communities - as well as on international practices and dialogues. We are committed to facilitating meaningful, pluralistic, interdisciplinary, historically-engaged and imaginative conversations about art.

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Latest issue
The new issue of C Magazine, C157 KINK (Spring 2024), undertakes a series of deviations, exploring political, erotic, social, and creative bends in the straight lines of convention. Through creative explorations in features, conversations, and experimental texts, C157 contributors confront the consequences and possibilities of our desires. This issue looks to queerness, disobedience, disruption, pleasure, consent, and play, imagining how we might reshape the ways we relate, engage, and coexist with each other. 

“Since we began working on this issue,” reflects C Magazine Editor Joy Xiang, “I've [ ] come to associate “kink” with a knot in my stomach and the perverse contrasts of living on a small slice of this earth amidst systems of dehumanization.” Across the texts that follow Xiang’s editorial, this issue excavates the simultaneously utopic and hellish realities embodied by "kink” as the grounded expressions of our world—its perversions, contradictions, hierarchies, and extremes. From indigenous-settler relations to eroticized debt, subspace and fetish aesthetics, the physicality of protest, and love amid brutality, artists and writers in this issue engage kink to consider how we could “fall in love (or lust) again...with this shivering world, in all its confrontations.”

Subjects: Art And Design, Art, Contemporary, Culture, Reviews

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  • First Issue: Issue 1, Winter 1983-1984
  • Latest Issue: Issue 157
  • Issue Count: 155
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 1923-3795