Collected Poems - Sujata Bhatt

Sujata Bhatt

This book gathers four decades of writing, published in collections from Brunizem in 1988 to Pure Lizard in 2008. It maps the poet’s trajectory, following her exile from her homeland, India, and her mother tongue, Gujarati, to the landscapes and languages of the USA and then Europe. Urgent, compassionate and inventive, Bhatt’s work forms a uniquely sustained project of reinvention and rediscovery.

Subjects: Poetry

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This title is available in the following collections: Carcanet Collection  

  • Author: Sujata Bhatt
  • Editor: David Paisey
  • Publisher: Carcanet
  • ISBN: 9781857549973

‘Here is a chance to see Sujata Bhatt’s favourite themes strengthened by re-gathering. A common theme is language, the very stuff of poetry, given special insight by her travels and her multilingual experience. A broad-minded, humane, imaginative book.
Gillian Clarke, National Poet of Wales