Frida Kahlo And My Left Leg

Frida Kahlo and My Left Leg by New York Times bestselling author Emily Rapp Black is an amputee’s personal examination of how the experiences, art, and disabilities of Frida Kahlo shaped her life. At first sight of Kahlo’s painting The Two Fridas, Emily Rapp Black felt an instant connection with the artist. An amputee from childhood, Rapp Black grew up with a succession of prosthetic limbs, and learned that she had to hide her disability from the world. Kahlo sustained lifelong injuries after a horrific bus crash and her right leg was eventually amputated. In Kahlo’s art, Rapp Black recognised her own life, from the numerous operations to the compulsion to create to silence pain. Here she tells her story of losing her infant son to Tay-Sachs, giving birth to a daughter, and learning to accept her body. She writes of how Frida Kahlo inspired her to find a way forward when all seemed lost. Contains 5 images of Frida Kahlo’s art and clothing

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  • Author: Emily RAPP BLACK
  • Publisher: Notting Hill Editions
  • ISBN: 9781912559268