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Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP) is the only monthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to professional development and best practice in emergency care. It provides paramedics with evidence-based, clinical and practical information, so that they can enhance their knowledge in important areas of practice, and ultimately become more confident and capable emergency professionals.

The editor says:

"Every issue of JPP includes a mix of clinical articles and professional guidance, to deliver practical and accessible support for paramedics who want to improve their skills in practice. The journal is designed with readers' continuing professional development in mind, as we are committed to providing paramedics with the tools and information they need to reach their full potential."

Aysha Mendes

Editor, Journal of Paramedic Practice

Latest issue
In our May issue, Will Hird examines a complex case scenario of adult domestic abuse, while Joel Phillips explores the increasing role of paramedics in emergency mental healthcare. In a literature review, Jadzinski et al look at prehospital recognition and management of sepsis and the use of intravenous antibiotics by paramedics. This issue also marks the second instalment of our Minds and Machines column looking at the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare across the four pillars of advanced practice, with this month’s article being focused on its role in and impact on paramedic leadership. For all of this and much more, don’t miss the May issue of the Journal of Paramedic Practice. 

Subjects: Business And Professional, Education, Medicine, Science And Technology

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  • First Issue: February 2017
  • Latest Issue: May 2024
  • Issue Count: 88
  • Published: Monthly