Nairn's Paris

Following on from the bestselling Nairn’s Towns, cult figure Ian Nairn celebrates the city of Paris in his unique and eccentric way. This is a unique guidebook from the late, great architectural writer, Ian Nairn. Illustrated with the author’s black and white snaps of the city, Nairn gives his readers an idiosyncratic and unpretentious portrait of the ‘collective masterpiece’ that is Paris. This guidebook shows his eye for detail – whether it is architectural stonework on an archway, shadows cast by a railing, or an empty chair in a Paris park. Nairn encourages the reader to find their own Paris beneath the glossy surface – more than a guidebook, this is an inimitable journey of discovery in finding the hidden delights of the city, in the first hardback edition ever published.

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  • Author: Ian NAIRN
  • Editor: Andrew HUSSEY
  • Publisher: Notting Hill Editions
  • ISBN: 9781910749494