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New Eastern Europe is the exclusive bimonthly news magazine dedicated to covering Central and Eastern European affairs and is published by the Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe in Wrocław 

The mission of New Eastern Europe is to shape the debate, enhance understanding and further the dialogue surrounding issues facing the states that were once a part of the Soviet Union or under its influence. New Eastern Europe takes a more journalistic approach with commentary/analysis from journalists, experts, analysts, writers, historians, as well as leaders and political figures from the East and the West. Our editorial philosophy is to provide a voice to the region. 

New Eastern Europe is a not-for-profit journal written in English. The journal is dedicated to producing a high-quality, engaging publication sharing the most current in-depth analyses and ideas that are emerging out of the region. 

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This year marks the largest number of elections held worldwide in a single year, with over 60 countries holding elections throughout 2024. While the vast majority of these elections will be democratic, some, particularly in our region, may not be so free and fair. In March, for example, Vladimir Putin will undoubtedly remain in office following the “elections” in Russia.

This is also the case for Belarus, which will be holding its first elections since the fraudulent 2020 presidential election which led to massive protests and the regime crackdown. Even though the outcome of these upcoming parliamentary elections will surprise no one – and thus our title for this issue as “elections without choice” – it does provide a context for us to discuss Belarus in depth.

Our authors in this issue describe the trends currently unfolding in the country and the society and help us understand the growing divisions between those inside Belarus and the tens of thousands now living in exile. This includes the pro-democratic forces who are largely based in Vilnius and Warsaw and are continuing to prepare for an eventual change. Yet how that change will look or when it will come, no one is certain. Obviously one of the largest factors related to Belarus’s future is the outcome of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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