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Organic Farming magazine is the UK's leading magazine on organic farming and growing. Published three times a year by the Soil Association, each edition keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news, policy issues and market information. There are technical features and reports on the latest field labs and research, covering all aspects of organic farming and growing.

Typical content includes:

· latest organic news

· features on livestock, horticulture and general farming topics

· research

· technical articles on soil, livestock, horticulture and arable topics

· interviews

· case histories

· business and market news

· update on the research and field labs carried out under the Innovative Farmers banner

Latest issue
Welcome to the agroforestry-themed edition of Organic Farming magazine. Agroforestry has come a long way in recent years. The term was only coined in 1977,  but of course its been practised in various forms for thousands of years, all around the world, for example, hedgerows, wood pasture and pannage. And now, in a full circle, agroforestry is relevant again, helping farmers to balance increased productivity with environmental gains.  For this edition, we have delved into the world of agroforestry, looking at its many benefits and the different systems of modern agroforestry: silvoarable, silvopastural and silvohorticulture. Hopefully by drawing all this information together, this edition will become a useful reference tool.    
   Clive Thomas examines how we can inspire farmers to integrate existing and future woodlands into their farm enterprises for future profitability, while Will Simonson looks at the way climate change will impact on our farms and how we need to plan carefully for the future when choosing tree species to plant. Going forwards, the supply chain will be critical to the success of new agroforestry projects, so John English reports on an exciting new trial at Woodhall Growers that is growing organic tree saplings at farmscale. Holly Mash looks at trees and the welfare of  livestock and Ben Raskin and Andy Dibben show how it is possible to integrate trees and horticultural crops.
   We also celebrate Iain Tolhurst's LIfetime Achievement Award and have updates on some of the latest Innovative Farmers field trials. 

Subjects: Business And Professional, Ecology, Environmental, Farming

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  • First Issue: Winter 2012
  • Latest Issue: Summer/Autumn 2023
  • Issue Count: 34
  • Published: Three times a year
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