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Orientations is a bimonthly print magazine published in Hong Kong and distributed worldwide since 1969. It is an authoritative source of information on the many and varied aspects of the arts of East and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, from the latest scholarly research to market analysis and current news.

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Dresden, a city that endured extensive British and American aerial bombing in World War II, was the traditional capital of Saxony in Germany and  is home to numerous historic landmarks and museums. The royal East Asian ceramic collection of more than 8,000 objects at the Porzellansammlung (Porcelain Collection) of the Staatliche Kunstammlugen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections) is renowned among ceramics enthusiasts. This issue celebrates the culmination of the Dresden Porcelain Project, an initiative launched in 2014 to digitize and research this historic collection, one of the largest East Asian reference collections in the world—now published in its entirety on a new interactive website. This unique group of objects provides a snapshot of collecting in the West and the ceramics trade between Asia and Europe from the late 16th to the early 18th century. The project is an enormous contribution to the field and will hopefully inspire others to embark upon similar programmes to make their collections more accessible. 

‘Korean Couture: Generations of Revolution’ opened at the Cleveland Museum of Art this April and features excavated garments from the 16th and 17th centuries in the collection of the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum alongside couture works by modern and contemporary designers. A late 19th or early 20th century ten-panel Korean screen depicting a scene from the residence of the Tang dynasty (618–907) general Guo Ziyi, recently gifted to the Peabody Essex Museum, shows how artists adapted to changing market demands. 

We present the third in a series of articles on the temple vases from the Sir Percival David Collection, now housed in the British Museum, which delves into the significance of the male and female phoenix designs on the band around the neck. We look at the history of the Society of Friends of the Guimet Museum and their contributions to the institution over the years. 

Xu Bing ruminates on the eve of the opening of ‘Xu Bing: Word Alchemy’ at the Asia Society Texas Center.

Subjects: Art And Design, Art, Culture, Travel

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