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The largest circulating magazine in the world, Reader’s Digest packs a lot into its compact pages. Bursting with stories, articles, advice, recipes, reviews, tips, jokes and anecdotes, Reader’s Digest aims to make your day a little bit more interesting, your year a little more informed and your life a little richer.
A compendium of advice, true-life tales and human-interest stories that traverse cultures, Reader’s Digest has been a trusted source of entertainment and knowledge for over a century. Each month, you will receive evidence-based health advice from world-renowned experts, moving stories that celebrate the things that make life full, as well as incisive interviews with chosen celebrities that reveal what made them who they really are.
About Reader’s Digest
Reader’s Digest was first published in 1922 by American copywriter, Dewitt Wallace, who decided to create a new genre of magazine after reading several during his convalescence following a shrapnel injury in the First World War – his vision was to publish a magazine that contained interesting and engaging articles across a breadth of topics.
Now over 100 years old Reader’s Digest has become one of the world’s best-loved general-interest magazine, containing something for everyone and a trusted friend in a complicated world.
First published in the UK in 1938, the Reader’s Digest magazine is the ultimate companion to pass the time and stop you from getting bored – packed full of stories, articles, advice, recipes, reviews, tips, jokes and anecdotes, and enough to keep you entertained for weeks on end.
Latest issue
• The Spirit of Christmas: Four true-life stories of love and compassion, from a local tradition of candlelit windows to sharing Christmas with strangers and the sick
• Leona Lewis: The acclaimed singer-songwriter on music, motherhood and mental health
• The Art of Conversation: How to master conversations with tricky personality types this Christmas
• Wainwright’s Fells: Following in the footsteps of author and fell walker Alfred Wainwright in the Lake District
• Nutrition Myths: Health experts dispel myths about what’s good and bad for us in our diets

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