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Shindig! magazine is an eclectic cornucopia teeming with obscure TV and film, psychedelia, folk, garage rock, folk rock, progressive rock, funk and soul. Expect to find a treasure trove of intriguing tales in the magazine teeming with stories from the golden ages of music. Shindig! is the forum of choice for those who worship the forefathers of modern music. Join the community and enjoy a magazine teaming with the glories of 60’s and 70’s music, film, tv and much more! Legendary clubs, festivals and events, counterculture and everything in between is covered as well, with devotion, dedication and integrity. Over the last 20 years Shindig! has amassed a loyal following of readers from all walks of life, join them today!

Latest issue
Gene Clark How the idiosyncratic former Byrd crafted a masterpiece amid the chaos and drugs of major label LA.
Audio Erotica  A selection of visuals from Jonny Trunk’s latest ode to vintage brands.
20 Questions 3Singer, songwriter, spokesperson and gentle soul Labi Siffre
Kelley Stoltz Why has the San Franciscan one-man music factory remained a secret for so long?
Wally Folk/prog-rockers who came so close to breaking through.
The Clique The proud peacocks of the ’80s/90s UK mod scene.
Q65 High times with Nederbeat’s wildest and most influential “long-haired scum”.
Thoughts & Words Your letters, tweets and emails.
Shindiggin’ What’s hot on the Shindig! turntable.
It’s A Happening Thing La Luz, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Beautify Junkyards, Daisy Rickman, Magick Brother & Mystic Sister, Misty Lanes, Viera & The Silvers, Amelia Coburn, Dave Hill, The Studio 68!, Glad
Family Album David Hemmings’ Byrds-assisted 1967 oddity Happens.
Deep Cuts The Prisoners’ side projects, spin-offs and guest appearances.
Reviews Win a copy of Decca’s The Northern Soul Scene.
Prize Crossword Win a copy of Jamie And The Magic Torch on DVD
Vinyl Art The Humblebums’ The New Humblebums.
Vinyl Clicks Blue Mink’s 1974 swansong Fruity.
Subscribers’ Prize Draw Subscribe now and you could win Andwella and Margo Guryan box sets.

Subjects: Film, Film And Performance, Music

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