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Australian Foreign Affairs is the country’s leading foreign affairs journal. In a world arguably less stable than at any time since World War II, it examines the most significant global issues affecting Australia.

Australian Foreign Affairs is produced by Schwartz Media. After more than forty years of publishing some of Australia’s most influential authors and journalists, Schwartz Media has a reputation for excellence.

The AFA journal is released three times a year and publishes some of Australia’s leading thinkers, including Paul Keating, Hugh White, Linda Jaivin, Allan Gyngell, Penny Wong, Margaret Simons, George Megalogenis, Michael Wesley, Kim Beazley, Linda Jakobson, Christos Tsiolkas and many more.

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The Jakarta Option

Could Indonesia Ever Be an Ally?

Canberra and Jakarta face similar threats in a changing Asia. Could this lead to closer ties?

The next issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines Australia’s relationship with Indonesia and the prospects of the two neighbours working together to boost their collective security as tensions in Asia increase.

The Jakarta Option looks at how Canberra should adapt to a changing Indonesia as the world’s fourth-most populous nation enters a new era under its next president, Prabowo Subianto.

Essays include: 

  • New era: Indonesia and its next president, by Emma Connors 
  • Ultimate deal: How to secure a Jakarta alliance and keep Beijing at bay, by Sam Roggeveen
  • In denial: How far will Indonesia go in a defence pact with Australia? by Evan A. Laksmana

Sujetos: News And Politics

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