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Australian Foreign Affairs is the country’s leading foreign affairs journal. In a world arguably less stable than at any time since World War II, it examines the most significant global issues affecting Australia.

Australian Foreign Affairs is produced by Schwartz Media. After more than forty years of publishing some of Australia’s most influential authors and journalists, Schwartz Media has a reputation for excellence.

The AFA journal is released three times a year and publishes some of Australia’s leading thinkers, including Paul Keating, Hugh White, Linda Jaivin, Allan Gyngell, Penny Wong, Margaret Simons, George Megalogenis, Michael Wesley, Kim Beazley, Linda Jakobson, Christos Tsiolkas and many more.

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The eighteenth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines Australia’s evolving ties with the United States as the power balance in Asia changes and as Washington continues to face bitter domestic divides.

We Need to Talk about America looks at the future of the alliance in an era in which the US’s global role and stature – which once seemed so constant – are becoming less stable and less certain.

  • Sam Roggeveen examines whether deeper US military ties and nuclear-powered submarines will leave Australia less safe.
  • Emma Shortis argues that Canberra has a rare historic opportunity to overhaul the US alliance.
  • Michael J. Green analyses the US’s evolving approach to Asia and its embrace of regional partners as it seeks to counter Chinese coercion.
  • Dennis Glover looks at the role of Australia in ensuring the US defends liberal democracy in the face of rising authoritarianism.
  • Andrew Carr explores the potential for state and local governments to have a greater involvement in Australia’s foreign policy and diplomacy.
  • Mary-Louise O’Callaghan ponders the achievements and missteps of the Australian-led RAMSI intervention in Solomon Islands.
PLUS Correspondence from Zhou Fangyin, Bernard Yegiora, Nic Maclellan and Luke Fletcher, and more.

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