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Blitzed magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle and music magazine that magnifies and examines all things from the 1980s. The concept of Blitzed Magazine started as a music publication inspired by the Blitz club in London. The music they played there, bands who met there and artists who continue to be inspired by the club. As well as the people who went (or wished they had!)

As things have progressed we’ve realised that the ‘cult with no name’ means so much more. It inspired fashion and lifestyle, helped to promote a more inclusive society sexually and produced some of the icons of the last 40 years. Be enlightened, again, or for the first time. Blitzed – The Stars are Aligned…

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CONTENTS: Wolfgang Flür Interview, Alan Rankine Obituary, The Luxury Gap at 40, Conform To Deform: An Interview with Wesley Doyle, Aladdin Sane at 40, The Art Of Falling Apart, Blitzed Artefact: Manifesto, Anni Hogan Interview, Songs Of The Classic Some Bizzare Era, Blitzed Songbook: Games Without Frontiers, Low-Life – New Order, A Flock Of Seagulls, Music, Musik, Musique Vol 3, Genesis, Telex, Pulse Lab, Review Roundup, The Art Of Darkness, The History Of Goth – John Robb, Conform To Deform – The Weird & Wonderful World…Warriors – Gary Numan, Tech Corner – Cubase, the DAW to bind them all? Electronic Café, Electronic Café Live, The Cure Live, The Wingmen Live…And Also The Trees Live, A Kiss in the Dreamhouse – Siouxsie and the Banshees, Exploring Rio, Maggie K De Monde Q&A, Mik Scarlet Review, 2023 – The Year Ahead In Albums, Ghost Town, Louder Than Words, Dear Mr Pop Star, Kevin O’Dowd, Northern Ireland Blitz, AnalogueTrash…..and so much more!

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