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Love archaeology?

British Archaeology, the UK's most talked about archaeology magazine, will suit anyone with a passion for delving into our past - whether you enjoy watching the latest archaeological TV documentaries, visiting historic buildings or digging on ancient sites!

It is an authoritative, in-depth source of information and comment on what’s new, interesting and important in the world of archaeology.

British Archaeology is a bi-monthly publication from the Council for British Archaeology – an educational charity. The established voice for archaeology in the UK, we're here to help you discover, explore and protect our unique heritage.

Among the articles in the trial issue, Mike Pitts reflects on the challenges facing the modern archaeologist, Jim Leary and David Field investigate traces of neolithic religion around Wiltshire's rivers and Sebastian Payne ponders the importance of the scientific side of archaeology.

Books are regularly reviewed in each issue of the magazine while the humorous 'Spoilheap' column keeps tabs on the curious lives of archaeologists. The 'Briefing' section lists the latest fieldwork excursions, excavations and archaeological conferences to keep readers in touch with the CBA network.

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This issue of British Archaeology brings stories of change, from a ship, a dig, modern burial mounds, and a celebration of industrial remains. In the timbers of HMS Trincomalee are inscribed messages from an era of shifting power between India and Britain. Excavations at a church in Kent chart the growth of a village and its sacred Christian heritage. In Britain today people are seeking new ideas of spiritualty and community in columbaria –structures for storing cremated remains – fashioned after Neolithic burial mounds. Industrialisation was still underway when archaeologists began to record its traces, even as they continue to be demolished and erased: we look at 50 years of research and conservation. Plus the challenges of heritage and wellbeing projects, a teacher interviewed whose pupils became prominent archaeologists, reviews, news from around the world, and more.

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