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Each issue of green (published six times a year) showcases the most interesting and creative sustainable designs from architects and landscapers around Australia and internationally. 

In the sample issue #30 you will find projects by some of the most innovative architects from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane plus the story of a renovation on a tire factory in Montreal. We give you the lowdown on efficient heating options and we check out some inspirational garden projects.

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There is a long history of prefabricated housing in Australia. Mostly it offered an affordable and quick solution during times of population growth but we are now seeing increasingly sophisticated systems that provide solutions that are both environmentally friendly and architectural. In this issue we look at four very different methods of prefabrication, one that focuses on energy efficiency and health, one an architectural solution to accommodate large amounts of glazing, one that aims to reduce waste and ecological damage and another that utilises hemp within its panels. All are seeking alternatives to the traditional model in the hope of a more sustainable outcome. Our family is on its own journey with prefabrication, as it offered the perfect solution to a list of restrictions, and a way to avoid the environmental damage that typically occurs over the extended period of a traditional build. You can follow @containercabinbythecoast to see how we are progressing. Also in this issue we feature architecture that is all about lifestyle, catering to alternative ways of living with lots of connection to the outdoors. Speaking of which, our garden articles are inspiring tales of determined individuals. One a COVID success story of eight families, a piece of borrowed land and enough veggies to feed them all. Another the fabulous insight of an architect who saw the potential of a difficult site, and turned it into a lush oasis where the architecture is secondary to the garden.

Sujetos: Art And Design, Architecture, Ecology, Environmental, Green

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