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I by IMD quarterly magazine offers first-person business and leadership intelligence from the brightest thinkers in academia, industry, the third sector, and society. Written by experts for experts, I by IMD curates the latest insight and practice-based research to help leaders and organizations unlock the complex challenges and opportunities that define these turbulent times.
I by IMD focuses on the core corporate disciplines of leadership, human resources, organizational behavior, strategy, innovation, technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, social impact, and equity, inclusion, and diversity, with a deep and broad dive into a specific theme each quarter. In addition to the quarterly magazine, I by IMD shares daily content via a dedicated digital platform.

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Sustainability transformation

All organizations must evolve to survive, and sustainable business transformation has fast become the gateway to a new licence to operate and compete.

In Issue 11 of I by IMD, we explore how to build sustainable organizations to succeed in turbulent times.

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