Introducing Heidegger: A Graphic Guide

Jeff Collins & Howard Selina
Martin Heidegger – philosophy’s ‘hidden king’, or leading exponent of a dangerously misguided secular mysticism?

Heidegger announced the end of philosophy and of humanism, and was a committed nazi and vocal supporter of hitler’s national Socialism. Was heidegger offering a deeply conservative mythology or a crucial deconstruction of philosophy as we have known it?

Introducing Heidegger provides an accessible introduction to his notoriously abstruse thinking, mapping out its historical contexts and exploring its resonances in ecology, theology, art, architecture, literature and other fields. Prepare to be dazzled, surprised and thrilled by this tour through the work of the man widely acclaimed as the 20th century’s most original – if also most challenging – thinker.

Sujetos: Culture, History, Philosophy

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  • Autor: Jeff Collins & Howard Selina
  • Redactor(a): n/a
  • Editorial: Icon Books
  • ISBN: 9781848311749