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Networking - Catholic Education Today was set up in 1999 to provide Catholic educational organisations with a professional journal to engage and support their members’ interests and developmental needs. As a professional journal serving Catholic schools it seeks to inform, comment upon and celebrate all that is distinctive and important to its constituency, in addition to offering its partner organisations a vehicle for promoting their own activities.

The journal works closely with a variety of Catholic agencies to produce a publication whose content and coverage is of a consistency and quality to earn it an enviable reputation.

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Diversity and Inclusivity in Catholic Education: Some Moral Dilemmas & Questions 8-10 
By Dr David Torevell Conference Report - Female Voices in Catholic Education 11
By Dr Louise McGowan 5 Key Things to Teach Children About Freedom of Religion 12-14 
By Dr Martin Parsons Catholic Schools Need Your Help 15 
By James Willsher Character Education in Catholic Schools 16-17
By Andy Lewis Do Justice: A Vision for Renewal in England and Wales 18-19 
By Raymond FrielIn Loco Parentis – Autoethnographic Perspectives of Catholic School Leadership 20-21
By Dr Louise McGowan A Point to Ponder - Decisions, Decisions! 22-23 
By Fr Neil McNicholas Hard-wiring the Charism in a Bedrock of Hope 24-27
By Dr Maureen Glackin Newman on The Living Dead and Teresa on the School Photo 28-30 
By Rev. Dr.Paul RowanNews from CATSC 31-38
What is Gerald Grace’s Contribution to the Philosophy of Catholic Education? 39-41
By Dr Sean Whittle Fluidly faithful to Catholicism? Catholic Education and the Institutional Church 42-44 
By Patricia Kieran An Act of Vocation: Implementing the Religious Education Directory 45-46 

Sujetos: Education, Religion

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