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Remus is a children's magazine published by the British Museum three times a year. Available to institutional subscribers on the Exact Editions digital platform, the archive currently spans over 30 issues across 14 years providing a wealth of historical contents for young readers with a keen interest in history to explore, with the full archive coming soon.

Founded in 1753, the British Museum is the oldest and greatest publicly funded museum in the world, exhibiting two million years of human history and culture. The Museum is driven by an insatiable curiosity for the world, a deep belief in objects as reliable witnesses and documents of human history, sound research, as well as the desire to expand and share knowledge.

Remus is part of the benefits package for the Young Friend Membership offered by the British Museum. Perfect for 8–15 year olds with curious minds and a sense of adventure, readers can discover two million years of human history and learn the stories of the remarkable people who came before us with each issue packed with fun facts and activities.

Sujetos: Children's, History

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  • Primer Número: Issue 1, Summer 1997
  • Último número: Issue 77, Spring 2024
  • Cantidad de números: 75
  • Publicado: Tres veces al año