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Shindig! magazine is an eclectic cornucopia teeming with obscure TV and film, psychedelia, folk, garage rock, folk rock, progressive rock, funk and soul. Expect to find a treasure trove of intriguing tales in the magazine teeming with stories from the golden ages of music. Shindig! is the forum of choice for those who worship the forefathers of modern music. Join the community and enjoy a magazine teaming with the glories of 60’s and 70’s music, film, tv and much more! Legendary clubs, festivals and events, counterculture and everything in between is covered as well, with devotion, dedication and integrity. Over the last 20 years Shindig! has amassed a loyal following of readers from all walks of life, join them today!

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Howdy Shindiggers,

Now that we’ve reached 151 issues, you’re going to have to wait another 49 until our next major celebration. I do hope you enjoyed the stories, memories and back slapping.

This time around, we’re back on terra fi rma. We called on Nederbiet obsessive and Ugly Things founder and editor Mike Stax to write about The Hague’s dirtiest ’60s rebels Q65, Martin Ruddock considers the impact of Gene Clark’s costly 50-year-old classic No Other, Andy Lewis charts the rise and fall of London’s biggest ’90s mod hopefuls The Clique, and I pose 20 questions to the truly unique Labi Si re. Elsewhere, American pop maverick Kelley Stoltz, progressive folk-rock hopefuls Wally, mixed-race pop sensations Blue Mink, and the moody psychedelic textures of La Luz round things out.

I think one thing that 150 issues has taught me is not to underestimate your audience. Shindiggers like many di erent things, and it’s our job to cover it all. From our veteran readers, who hobbled around London in stack heels, seeing all of the “head” bands; the next generation, brought up on punk, who then looked back to the previous decade; and subsequent eras of music obsessives who have traversed indie music, the garage and subsequent revival(s) to readers under the age of 30, whose musical experiences and discoveries have been informed by the easy accessibility of the digital age – have I left anyone out? – we are here to serve you all. I’ll say it again, Shindig! should be viewed as your favourite record shop with that cool owner who suggests “If you like that, you should check this out.” As those shopkeepers do, we’re learning more each day and discovering new finds, picking up exciting rumours, and trying to break the odd boundary. Let’s do it!

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills

Sujetos: Film, Film And Performance, Music

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