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African Business is the premier business magazine focusing on Africa. With over 140,000 readers across the continent and around the world, it is the ideal vehicle for reaching African consumers, governments and business people.

The readers of African Business are well educated decision-makers, with a high standard of living and disposable income, who have the ultimate authority to influence business strategies in their companies. Most major companies and international firms working with or in Africa subscribe to African Business. It is required reading for any business operating in Africa or wanting to venture into the Continent. 

Dernier numéro
In the June issue of African Business, out now, we look at the efforts Kenya's William Ruto is making to bring back investors and boost relations with the USA. Ruto’s market-friendly policies may have endeared him to the markets and Washington DC - which treated him to a full state visit recently - but he might be in for a tougher task in winning over Kenyans facing increased taxes and government spending restraint.

Sujets: Africa, Business, Business And Professional, Economics, Finance, Government

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  • Dernier numéro: June 2024
  • Nombre de numéros: 480
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