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Blocks magazine is a celebration of everything LEGO. Aimed at enthusiasts of all ages it is the perfect way to immerse in the world of plastic bricks. Each month it’s full of reviews, hints, how-to features, from LEGO experts.

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The Disney film that started it all now has a LEGO set worthy of its legendary status. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first feature-length animated movie, which is why so many generations have fond memories of the
charming story.

In an exclusive interview, LEGO Senior Designer Ryan Baird-Van Woerkom explains how he went back to the source material to capture fairytale charm in a model for adults who grew up with the film.

Of course, that’s not the only designer insight in this month’s mag – Senior Model Designer Henrik
Rubin Saaby reveals how he tapped into history and LEGO lore in 10332 Medieval Town Square, then Master Builder Stuart Harris and Senior Designer Markus Rollbühler discuss paying tribute to the core systems in the new LEGO House exclusive.

Perhaps the most fascinating interview in this issue though is with Matthew Ewald. You might know him better as Nick Bluetooth, the heroic lead in Galidor – the LEGO Group’s big budget failure from 2002. Matthew was cast as the star of the TV series so has a unique perspective on the theme.

He candidly shares his story, from being cast in what promised to be an epic sci-fi show to seeing it cancelled just a year after debuting. 

LEGO fans have been excited to see the return of the goat, so it’s best not to let it get away again – one of this month’s Quick Builds shows you how to construct a rustic pen for the critter. You can also try a brick-built recreation of the classic dragon (perfect for the new Vampire Knight minifigure) or an escape raft for the poor criminals stuck on prison island.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to build we go…

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