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The British Journal of Nursing (BJN) brings you closer to the forefront of nursing practice. If you are looking for a journal that contains the latest clinical developments, original research and evidence-based practice you should be reading BJN.

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Articles in BJN are written by nurses and subject to peer review by leading authorities in the profession. It is highly regarded by practitioners in the field, and has been called "the most up-to-date clinically focused journal available" and an "essential companion to my studies" by our readers. Ensure that you have access to the best clinical papers and original research in BJN.

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12 May marks International Nurses Day (IND), and to celebrate this, the focus of this issue is IND, with messages from the Chief Nursing Officers of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Three comment pieces discuss the wealth of experience internationally educated nurses bring to the NHS, recognise the value of nursing, and describe a partnership between nurses in the UK and Zambia. The clinical section provides a guide to cardiac amyloidosis. Other articles examine simulation in basic life support training and describe the role of the rheumatology advanced nurse practitioner in the care of patients with obesity-related knee osteoarthritis. This issue also includes the Urology Supplement, in association with the British Association of Urological Nurses. There is a discussion on the challenges faced by men learning to live with clean intermittent self-catheterisation (CISC). A product focus evaluates the Luja Micro-hole Zone Technology in CISC. A research article examines incontinence-associated dermatitis in older adults in residential care.

Sujets: Business And Professional, Healthcare, Medical Career, Science And Technology

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