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Cineaste is America’s Leading Magazine on the Art and Politics of the Cinema

Founded in 1967, Cineaste is today widely regarded as one of the most important film quarterlies published anywhere in the world. The journal’s unique editorial focus is reflected in the in-depth nature of its feature articles and interviews, as well as its film, book, and DVD reviews, written by leading film critics, journalists, and scholars.

Each issue features coverage of both contemporary and classic American and foreign cinema, always emphasizing a popular, readable style displayed in a lavishly illustrated, full-color format.

What others are saying about Cineaste:

“Of all the publications I read, Cineaste ranks highly as a magazine with serious journalistic writing and true integrity. I am always intrigued by the in-depth interviews and fascinating topics. Cineaste makes an important contribution to our filmmaking culture as it stands up for important causes and special films that would otherwise be lost in our mass consumption of pop culture.”—Oliver Stone, film director

“Cineaste asks all the questions you wish the other interviewers asked. If you care about the ‘content’ of movies, Cineaste is the place to look.”—John Sayles, screenwriter and film director

“No film magazine is more essential for cinephiles than Cineaste.”—Dave Kehr, author of When Movies Mattered: Reviews from a Transformative Decade

“An essential resource at the intersection of politics and the cinema.”—Roger Ebert (1942–2013), film critic

“A must-have for the serious film person...scrupulous and scholarly reviews and profiles.”—Zine Guide

Sujets: Cinema, Culture, Film, Film And Performance

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