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An essential teaching resource offering ideas and inspiration for all drama education practitioners

Twice each term of the academic year, Drama & Theatre brings you practical strategies, lesson plans, and inspiration to enhance your teaching. News keeps you up to date with developments in the theatre world; reviews help you to plan theatre trips, discover new resources or stock up your library; and features explore inspirational drama education initiatives all over the UK and internationally.

Whether you teach in a school context at primary or secondary level, lead extra-curricular drama workshops, or give private tuition, Drama & Theatre is an invaluable resource written for teachers by teachers, playwrights, practitioners, and the stars of the theatre world.

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In this issue of Drama & Theatre, we highlight a burgeoning new field within the theatre industry: Intimacy Practice. We look into the company – and practitioner – at the helm of this field, and the potential of new drama school courses being developed to provide a much-needed talent pipeline. Also this issue, we visit Soho Poly, one of London’s most iconic and historically important alternative theatre venues, which is now undergoing a major restoration project. Plus, we find out about the vibrant new series of productions from the Roald Dahl Story Company, and the organisation creating intricate immersive theatre.

Sujets: Acting, Classroom, Drama, Education, Film And Performance, Theatre

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