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Early Years Educator (EYE) is essential reading for anyone working with children aged from birth to five-years-old.

EYE features everything from the power of storytelling to insights into qualifications and training, from analysis of the latest government policy announcements to promoting sustained shared thinking and co-construction of learning, from attachment and mud kitchens, to schemas and children as researchers, and so much more, but most of all, EYE will help you understand why these matter and how you can use them to improve your provision.

EYE is dedicated to helping all members of the early years team improve their practice, from student to room leader, from manager to consultant, and provides the best possible support for the children in their care. EYE is a vital resource that you and your team can rely on for all of your practical and educational needs in the early years, and that caters for the requirements of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage.

The magazine contains: • Up-to-date guidance on the requirements of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage • Expert articles on professional development, training and best practice • Regular contributions from the leading names in early years education • A special 16-page supplement of inspirational practical activity ideas • Essential information and resources to help you develop your career and provide the best possible outcomes for the children in your care

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Sustainability education 
Important changes to our daily lives will become inevitable in the coming decades and the children whom we are teaching today will spend their whole lives in this climate change era. The introduction of an effective education for sustainable citizenship is therefore essential. 
Education Select Committee Inquiry  
With the affordability of childcare currently making headlines, a new inquiry by the Education Select Committee seeks to find answers to some of the pressing problems facing the sector. Sue Cowley explains more about the areas that the inquiry will explore and summarises the first oral evidence session. 
Trajectory play 
Trajectory play is one of the earliest forms of schematic play that we can observe in babies. In this month’s article in her schematic play series, Tamsin Grimmer explores the benefits of trajectory play and shares practical advice on supporting it in your setting. 
Developing self-esteem  
Helping children to develop high self-esteem plays an important part of their everyday learning experiences and enjoyment, in and outside of the classroom setting. There are many ways in which educators can play a vital role in supporting children with low self-esteem.
Plus, more thought-provoking and useful articles in our 8-page supplement, Practice Insight, focusing on sharing practice from across the sector.  

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