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Is the gig up for the gig economy?

With so many legal cases and uproar over employers’ adoption of gig worker models, it would appear that some areas of the workforce are in a balancing act between doing what’s right for business, what’s best for employees and what’s lawful.

The July/August cover story looks at how the legal framework for the gig economy is evolving constantly and what practical steps HR can take to get it right.
It also considers the ethics of the gig economy model, and what benefits and challenges it brings for the four million workers a week who participate in it.
Also in the July/August issue:  HR tech : Is it game over for gamification, or are HR leaders finding a
new way to use the technology?

Profile: Overseeing the refurbishment of the Houses of Parliament is no easy task. Found out why the Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority’s HRD Janet Campbell is taking it in her strike.

Health and wellbeing: Are dedicated wellbeing roles improving business performance?
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