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The Journal of Irish Archaeology (JIA) is the journal of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland. It is a peer-reviewed, annual journal, comprising articles on Irish archaeology and related topics. Editorship of the journal changes every two years, rotating between the archaeology teaching staff in third-level institutions on the island of Ireland.

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BRIAN G. SCOTT AND RENA MAGUIRE —A Later Bronze Age linchpin provenanced to Dunmore, Co. Galway MAEVE TOBIN, DAVID MCILREAVY, JOANNA MOORE AND JANET MONTGOMERY—Punishment in the Iron Age? A case study from Carroweighter, Co. Roscommon SAM HUGHES—Edges of empire: a reassessment of Irish ‘sub-Roman’ swords BRENDAN O’NEILL—Treasured objects: piloting a first-stage methodology to assess technological complexity in early medieval Irish non-ferrous metalworking MATTHEW SEAVER—Radiocarbon dating of spearbutts of doorknob type from Deerpark (Co. Wexford), Maghery (Co. Armagh), Derrymore (Co. Sligo) and Hillquarter (Co. Westmeath) ANDREW W. LAMB AND MARTIN SCHÖNFELDER—Spearbutts for horse bits: a new interpretation for certain bronze fittings from the Irish Iron Age MARK E. HALL—The metallography of Hiberno-Norse knife-edges from Dublin and Waterford— a summary JUDITH CARROLL—The seventeenth-century defences of Bandon—findings from the Flood Relief Scheme ANDREW EUGENE ANDERSON† AND MARION DOWD—A study of cillíní (children’s burial grounds) in County Donegal BOOK REVIEWS

Sujets: Ireland, Archaeology, History

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  • Premier numéro: Volume I 1983
  • Dernier numéro: Volume XXXI 2022
  • Nombre de numéros: 30
  • Publié: Annuellement