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Le Monde Diplomatique -- just LMD or the Diplo to its many readers -- is a famous voice in world journalism, published in 30 languages. It offers in-depth analysis of current affairs and intelligent firsthand reporting. The monthly English edition is a concise version of the French parent edition. It is distributed in digital form by Exact Editions.

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Russia, internal support for Vladimir Putin’s ‘special operation’ is slipping; Moldova, Ukraine’s small neighbour is playing up security fears prompted by the war next door; Yemen is still at war and the internally displaced keep on growing; France/Africa, is Paris really helping in the Sahel? West Africa no longer looks first to France; Vietnam and Cambodia work to agree their long border dispute; Mercosur, can this huge trading bloc become progressive? El Salvador‘s president Naib Bukele turns ever more authoritarian; how the Moonies became part of Japan’s political life; Cairo’s public spaces are vanishing as President Sissi clamps down; ‘New Cold War’, what’s in a name? France, return of the wolf

Sujets: News, News And Politics

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  • Dernier numéro: June 2023
  • Nombre de numéros: 210
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