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Founded in Edinburgh in 1979, Literary Review is Britain's best-loved literary monthly, providing sixty-four pages of witty, informative and authoritative reviews each month. It covers everything from history, biography and politics to literature, art and travel, and its contributors include some of the best writers and thinkers of the day. 

Martin Amis said: "In Literary Review you find something that has almost vanished from the book pages: its contributors are actually interested in Literature."

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Dominic Green on how Eastern spirituality came west * Blake Smith on artificial intelligence * Sarah Gristwood on Anne Boleyn * William Boyd on Nabokov * Miranda Brown on Chinese food * Andrew Hussey on highbrow erotica * Valerie Grove on women in work * Rana Mitter on China’s dissident historians * Richard Vinen on postwar Britain * Chris Given-Wilson on the Hundred Years War * Andrew Crumey on Einstein * Alan Jenkins on Nick Drake * Anthony Cummins on Zadie Smith * Patricia Craig on Anne Enright *

Sujets: Culture, Literature

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  • Premier numéro: 19 October 1979
  • Dernier numéro: September 2023
  • Nombre de numéros: 504
  • Publié: Mensuellement
  • ISSN: 2059-5352