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A quarterly magazine of culture and science, published since 1885. New Humanist is for anyone who wants to understand the ideas, conflicts and systems shaping our world - climate, capitalism, technology, fundamentalism, struggles for equality and more. We produce a beautiful magazine once every three months full of serious, intelligent essays and reportage.

New Humanist is published by the Rationalist Association. To visit our website click here

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A quarterly magazine of ideas, politics, science and culture, New Humanist brings together expert voices and quality journalism to illuminate our turbulent times. 

Sujets: Arts, Culture, Humanities, Philosophy, Religion And Philosophy, Science And Technology

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  • Premier numéro: The Agnostic Annual, 1884
  • Dernier numéro: Summer 2024
  • Nombre de numéros: 1,313
  • Publié: Trimestriellement
  • ISSN: 2059-5530