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Pagan Dawn is a quarterly magazine covering polytheism, esoteric arts, history and the environment. It caters to all those who are interested in nature-based spirituality, philosophy and cultural history and features articles, reviews and research. Its coverage ranges from cutting edge academic thought to people profiles of activists and volunteers.

Originally a newsletter entitled “The Wiccan”, Pagan Dawn has published continually since 1968, making it the longest running esoteric periodical in the world. It was retitled in 1994 to reflect its expanded coverage of all Pagan paths, including Druidry, Shamanism, Heathenry and many more worldwide faiths.

Pagan Dawn is the official magazine of the Pagan Federation and reflects its aims in promoting a positive profile for Paganism and supporting all Pagans to ensure they have the same rights as the followers of other beliefs and religions.

Exclusive to the Pagan Dawn online edition is “We Emerge”, a history of the Pagan Federation, originally produced as a limited edition in the 1990s and features a reproduction of the very first “The Wiccan” newsletter and excerpts from the subsequent 15 years. More exclusive content will be added to each new issue of Pagan Dawn, in addition to “Green Pages”, the directory of national and international Pagan groups and meet-ups.

You can sample Issue 186 now for free and experience the rich mysteries of the Japanese Shinto Mythos, read about the growth of paganism amongst teenagers, learn of the art of healing, how to live in ecocabins and an interview with the rock band DC Fontana.

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This issue includes not only our regular features but is packed full of interesting articles for all to enjoy. 
Go in Pursuit of Regional Witchcraft, embark on The Path to Forgotten Freedom and Start a Pagan Group. 
Then delve into the plant path at Imbolc with Warming the Soil, chat to Kitchen Witches and learn How to Work with the Court Cards in Tarot and Talk to Animals. 
Plus discover Pagan Cornwall, discuss the Slavic Gods and Remember the White Leaved Oak.

Sujets: Environment, Esoteric Arts, Polytheism, Religion, Religion And Philosophy

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