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Prospect is the UK’s outstanding monthly current affairs title—a home for fine writing, robust debate and considered reflection on the biggest issues of our time. Prospect has always been politically independent, with no party-political affiliation or agenda. It is owned and supported by the Resolution Group as part of its not-for-profit, public interest activities.

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Edited by former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, we publish in print; on our website and app; and through our newsletters, podcasts and events. Our in-depth journalism spans politics, science, foreign affairs, economics, climate and the environment, philosophy and the arts.”
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The phone-hacking scandal was a moment of national shame. But what if it was worse—much worse—than we ever thought? In an exclusive investigation, Nick Davies, the reporter who broke the original hacking story 15 years ago, examines claims the Murdoch newspaper empire hacked MPs for commercial gain—and then magicked away the evidence. Elsewhere, Will Hutton asks whether Labour will find its economic ambition in time for its likely arrival in government. Jen Stout reports from Kharkiv: the Russians have restarted bombing and the lights are going out. Ella Glover reports on the opioid crisis coming to Britain, while Sasha Mudd writes on the philosophical power of anxiety. Plus: how Salman Rushdie counters violence with art.

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