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Speedway Star is a weekly publication giving news from speedway tracks to enthusiasts and riders. It contains news from events and meetings around the world as well as interviews with riders, results from the weeks competitions and more!

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BERWICK has become a home from home for Bandits’ Aussie Jye Etheridge, who will be back for his seventh consecutive season with the Border club this summer. At times, it’s been a battle to make a name for himself in Britain but with the arrival of new team manager Stewart Dickson at Shielfield Park, he reveals in this week’s magazine: “Hopefully this is a turning point in my career. They all keep saying that I need to step up and be the third heat-leader. But I want to be at No. 1, not third in the team. I’ve been there before and I can get back to where I want to be. It’s happened a few times...I’m going well and then I get injured. It takes me a while to come back and get up to speed again. I was kind of going backwards over the past couple of years with equipment but it’s all started to turn around again and go in the right direction.”

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