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STIR is a quarterly magazine that promotes new economic alternatives, exploring where the social economy, the commons and civic society come together. We feature original illustrations, long-form interviews, and in-depth articles that move beyond traditional political commentary to explore the inspiring and viable alternatives that present a serious challenge to the current political crisis.

Dernier numéro
Money for good: The rise of ethical finance
What we don’t talk about, when we talk about AI — Daniel Stanley
Public Art & the Economics of Imagination — Toby Tobias Kidd
The sky is for all: Ruskin and the Guild of St George — Grace Crabtree
Building Community Ownership: Expanding Opportunities for Black and Racially Minoritised Co-operatives — Christxpher Oliver
Interview: The Age of Asset Management with Brett Christophers
Pathways to Land — Nicola Scott
Stokes Croft Land Trust: Community ownership in the cultural heart of Bristol
Excerpt: Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet (Verso) — Matthew T. Huber
Q&A — Leading Lives 
Special festival feature — ABCs of the New Economy Festival (10-11 July 2024)

Sujets: Economics, Economy, News And Politics, Philosophy, Religion And Philosophy

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