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The Catholic Herald is one of Britain’s leading Catholic publications, published monthly as a magazine. As well as carrying topical news items from the UK and the world, the Catholic Herald contains reviews and publishes in-depth interviews and special supplements for Easter and Christmas.

The Catholic Herald is a magazine of record and each issue contains leaders from the editorial staff and readers’ correspondence.

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Cover story: Number 10 without God
Paul Goodman on life in Downing Street under the UK’s first openly atheist would-be Prime Minister

PLUS: Guns & Rosaries ✣ Flora Watkins re-considers IVF ✣ Franciscans under fire in the Holy Land ✣ NFL owner Gayle Benson’s pact with God ✣ Wine and Martyrs: The Napa Institute in London Lessons from Fulton J Sheen ✣ Jessica Ogilvy-Stuart: I can’t stop buying religious art online

Francesco Patton OFM ❘ Henry Wansbrough OSB ❘ Sally Bayley ❘ Frank La Rocca ❘ Daniel Johnson Serenhedd James ❘ Stephen de la Bédoyère ❘ Ronan Doheny ❘ Stephen Morgan ❘ Flora Watkins Oleńka Hamilton ❘ Katherine Bennett ❘ Luke Gregory OFM ❘ Anita Boniface ❘ Andrew Cusack 

Sujets: Culture, News, News And Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Religion And Philosophy

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  • Premier numéro: 7 February 2003
  • Dernier numéro: May 2024
  • Nombre de numéros: 926
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  • ISSN: 2059-6812