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The Idler magazine helps you to slow down, have fun and live well. Founded by writer Tom Hodgkinson in 1993, each bi-monthly issue offers a book-sized feast of great writing, interviews, cartoons, practical advice on living the idle life and beautiful illustrations. Which other magazine has columns on beekeeping, sheds and snooker? 

 “A sumptuous treat… the Idler’s appeal and relevance seem to increase by the day,” says Michael Palin. 

“The Idler offers me the chance to learn about everything that really matters and a respite for what we are told really matters – like working hard for your boss” says Dominic West. 

“The absurd, apparently useless or bizarre concerns of the magazine – Latin, ukuleles, handwriting – have over the years given me a deep joy bordering on the religious,” says Sally Phillips.

Dernier numéro
Relax into our Sleep special. You’ll meet nap revolutionary Tricia Hersey and learn about her mission to get the world to exercise their right to rest. Editor Tom Hodgkinson presents his expert guide to getting a good night’s kip, and we’ve got top pyjamas too. Paul Theroux wonders just what “Orwellian”means, Griff Rhys Jones is hating eating outside, and James Parker says yes, yes, yes. Plus columnists Stewart Lee, Virginia Ironside, Arthur Smith and Georgia Mann.

Sujets: Culture, Lifestyle, Philosophy, Religion And Philosophy

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