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The Numismatist is a colorful, high-quality, educational magazine for collectors of coins, tokens, medals and paper money. Published since 1888 by the nonprofit American Numismatic Association (, The Numismatist features 112-120 pages of informative, illustrated articles about the historical and entertaining aspects of numismatics; reports of hobby events and new coinage issues, including the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarter Program and Presidential Dollar series and advertising by nationally respected coin dealers.

Dernier numéro
The Numismatist, October 2023 issue features: Philadelphia’s Incuse Lettering Tokens; Commemoratives
Of The Kalmar Nyckel; Cuba’s First Coinage; and more!

Sujets: Coin, History, Hobby, Money

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  • Premier numéro: September/October 1888
  • Dernier numéro: October 2023
  • Nombre de numéros: 1,586
  • Publié: Mensuellement
  • ISSN: 2637-5516