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ArtReview is one of the world’s leading international contemporary art magazines. Founded in 1949, it is dedicated to expanding contemporary art’s audience and reach. Published nine times a year, the magazine features a mixture of criticism, reviews, previews, opinion, reportage and specially commissioned artworks, and offers one of the most established, in-depth and intimate portraits of international contemporary art in all its shapes and forms. In 2013 ArtReview was joined by its sister magazine ArtReview Asia, now published four times a year, which brings a fresh and exciting new voice to the dynamic and fast-changing art scenes of the Asia region, as well as covering Asian art presented outside of the region.

Latest issue
ArtReview’s Summer issue ponders the mutability of place. On the cover is Emeka Ogboh’s Boats, a gin made from Tasmanian and West African botanicals as part of the artist’s ongoing explorations of home and belonging that also include soundscapes. Carsten Höller and Adam Haar discuss their new sleep factory and experiments in dream influencing. Palestinian photographer Ahlam Shibli’s decades-long practice is the focus of an essay on her homeland’s history of occupation, violence and displacement. And Joyce Joumaa’s recent research-based videowork is examined for the ways in which it addresses both her home country of Lebanon and the geography of the migrant experience. Also in this issue, an interview with filmmaker Ephraim Asili and a column on David Adjaye’s architectural legacy in Accra, along with book and exhibition reviews from London, New York and Tokyo. 

Subjects: Art And Design, Art, Contemporary, Previews, Reviews

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  • First Issue: July 2006
  • Latest Issue: Summer 2024
  • Issue Count: 205
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2514-331X