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The British Journal of Nursing (BJN) brings you closer to the forefront of nursing practice. If you are looking for a journal that contains the latest clinical developments, original research and evidence-based practice you should be reading BJN.

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Articles in BJN are written by nurses and subject to peer review by leading authorities in the profession. It is highly regarded by practitioners in the field, and has been called "the most up-to-date clinically focused journal available" and an "essential companion to my studies" by our readers. Ensure that you have access to the best clinical papers and original research in BJN.

Latest issue
Dermatology is the focus of this issue of BJN, with an article aimed at empowering advanced clinical practitioners to manage acute dermatological emergencies. Another article explores the benefits of having clinical practice facilitators working alongside trainee advanced nurse practitioners. There is also an exploration of students’ views of using the flipped classroom teaching method. This issue features the Oncology supplement, in association with the UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS). One article describes the experience of implementing a closed system drug transfer device that enables nurses to prepare monoclonal antibody treatments. There is a feature on the emotional boundary seesaw model. Another article looks at how one service set up a buddy system for patients with rare spinal cancers. There is also a review of the challenges involved in creating an educational resource for patients taking part in clinical trials during the pandemic.

Subjects: Business And Professional, Healthcare, Medical Career, Science And Technology

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