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There is nowhere quite like Edinburgh. Its heady mix of history, heritage architecture, the professions, art, literature, museums, theatre, festivals, sporting prowess, the geography and the topography, its people, their interests and where they live…the list goes on and on.

Yet it is a sad truism that for many who are indigenous to an area, that same area, if not a closed book to them, has few of its chapters read.

It is so easy to miss, dismiss or overlook the intrinsic beauty of the familiar and the commonplace as we negotiate life’s hurly-burly.

Edinburgh Life strives to put that right. Each issue celebrates the myriad facets of our capital city and its environs, inviting a closer appreciation and sometimes proffering an alternative and surprising aspect of the place we think we know so well.

Edinburgh Life is for those who enjoy the finer aspects of life, whether they cost money or perhaps just a bit of precious free time to enjoy.

Heritage, history, people, places, where to go, what to eat, what to do, where to meet. In short, there is something for everyone!

Latest issue
Sunny Princes Street Gardens 
1880s Forth Rail Bridge ‘Accident’ book 
400th anniversary of George Heriot’s enduring legacy to Edinburgh 
James Stagg – Dalkeith’s D-Day meteorological hero 
Picardy Place and Calton Hill -1930 and 1993 aerial photos 
Georgian sartorial style at The King’s Gallery 
Edinburgh’s 1824 Foot-Ball Club – the world’s first
Doug Corrance’s Edinburgh – his inimitable snapshot of the city 

Herioters get-together at Dovecot Studios 
Spring Ball at Prestonfield House 
Edinburgh steals the show at New York’s 25th Tartan Parade 
Red Cross 70s ‘Disco’ Ball at Sheraton Grand
EROS lunch at Inverleith
St Patrick’s Day breakfast at The New Club
Food & Drink
MasterChef finalist Sarah Rankin cooks for 18!
Picnic at Nor’ Loft, Ruma on Broughton Street, 
Embra whisky and Oysters at Le Di-Vin
What’s On
 10 fun and interesting things to do as summer beckons

Subjects: Culture, Lifestyle

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