Introducing Plato: A Graphic Guide

Dave Robinson & Judy Groves

Plato is the most widely studied, and probably the greatest, philosopher of all time.

He asked his contemporary Athenians all the questions that we now call ‘philosophical’, and then recorded their ideas in the form of lively dramatic debates.

Plato also had his own views about the nature of knowledge and reality, politics, ethics, mathematics, economics, the size of the ideal city and much else besides.

How did philosophers like Socrates and Pythagoras influence Plato? What is his puzzling theory of knowledge all about, and how did it direct his provocative views on politics, ethics and individual liberty?

Introducing Plato explains all of Plato’s key ideas, especially the very odd ‘theory of Forms’, and concludes by revealing how Plato has stimulated the work of modern thinkers such as Karl Popper and Jacques Derrida.

Subjects: Philosophy

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  • Author: Dave Robinson & Judy Groves
  • Editor: n/a
  • Publisher: Icon Books
  • ISBN: 9781848311770